Not only can WhiteBoard can take a project from concept to final manufacturer handoff, but we can also do quick turns on a very narrow band within that process. One client in particular needed an overmolded part ASAP. The day we received the request we took their engineering files, prepped them for the CNC, and created the needed tooling and part to be overmolded (shown below).

The part to be overmolded required a removable gap spacer (in white below).

Once snapped in place, this assembly was pressed into the cavity built into the tooling.

This assembly holds the part to be overmolded in the required position while prohibiting poured material from flowing where it’s not wanted.

With the tooling assembled, the liquid urethane resin is injected into the mold (day 2 after receiving order).

Once the injected resin fully cures (day 3) the overmolded part is carefully removed from the tooling.

The gap spacer is removed and any needed clean up of the part is performed.

3 days after receiving the order, the first of a series of overmolded parts was complete and ready for customer pickup/delivery!

At WhiteBoard, we are here to meet any product design needs you may have – no matter how big or small. If a quick turnaround is needed and it’s within our power, we’ll make it happen.