ACCO Laminator - Design Discovery
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ACCO Laminator - Ideation Sketches
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ACCO Laminator - Design for Manufacture
Design for Manufacture
ACCO Laminator - Validation Prototypes
Validation Prototypes

ACCO Swingline

GBC Fusion Laminators

ACCO Brands requested WhiteBoard to develop a family look for their new Swingline GBC Fusion series. The design challenge was to create a visual aesthetic for three laminators covering a range of price points built on Swingline’s iconic brand language. Each of the three laminators were to share an overall family look, while creating a distinct visual appearance. The design team explored this family look through loose form exploration sketches, foam models, and finally design intent CAD models rendered in Keyshot. The final deliverables were fully engineered CAD files ready for production.