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Why WhiteBoard?

Product. When it's great, I learn & set my
expectations higher, when it's not great, I
want to make it better. This takes a team
with resources; the better the team, the
better the resources, the better the results.
Since 1986, my focus has been on building
a diverse team & facility, with all the tools,
to promote collaboration & achieve results.
WhiteBoard gets results. These results and
return clients, make me and the team look
forward to coming to work every day.

Inspired by: Everything.

Creative Recharge:

Doing things that utilize body, brains, and equipment, with a side
of adrenalin: skiing (alpine, nordic, water), cars (racing, driving,
admiring), biking (road & trail), sailing (ice & water), skating (inline
& ice). Doing things that promote interaction: cooking, wine,
coaching, shopping, home improvement, learning, family & friends.

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