Minneapolis, MN - Graphic Designers at Whiteboard
The Graphic Design Department develops dynamic visuals for a broad spectrum of mediums. It both acts in a support role for full range product design as well as a stand alone graphic design resource.
How a product looks in the packaging is just as important as how it looks outside of it. Will it get noticed on the store shelf? Does it suit the price-point? Display its functionality? Accurately reflect the target audience?

These are questions the Graphic Design Department wrestles with every day. Their continued presence throughout the life of a project allows this group time to consider and refine various packaging treatments as product development evolves. And they provide additional support with equally well thought-out collateral, interactive, and multimedia solutions.

• Package Design
• Brand Development
• Iconography
• GUI Design (Graphic User Interface)
• Illustration
• Website Design
• Flash Animation
• Studio Photography
• Sales Presentations
• Technical Manuals
• Collateral/Print Materials
• Point-of-Purchase Displays

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