JamStik Featured in Popular Science

7th Annual Invention Awards Jamstik

JamStik was featured in the May issue of Popular Science as one of ten products in its 7th Annual Invention Awards.

WhiteBoard collaborated with the inventor and the Zivix team to design, engineer and create working prototypes of the JamStik.  That enabled the inventor’s technology to come off the work bench and into the hands of the Zivix marketing team to create the “double wow” needed to generate all the buzz.  “Double wow” is WhiteBoard speak for what some products need to succeed.  The first wow is what you say when you first see the product.  The second wow is what you say when you see it work.

Even a double wow product will only succeed if it can be made cost effectively and is able to communicate the double wow in its retail environment.  The WhiteBoard process, which centers on Form Follows Reality™, enabled the WhiteBoard team to make sure that the proposed design could be cost effectively manufactured and look great.  It also guided the package design, to make sure it has stopping power and conveys what it does, how it works, and how it changes the game.  WhiteBoard continues to work with Zivix and its vendors towards production release.

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