The Return of the Cool People Feature

Leisure Product Solutions now WhiteBoard Product Solutions

Years ago, WhiteBoard Product Solutions (then known as Leisure Design) had a website feature with a huge fun factor. Each employee had an onscreen miniature version of themselves, which when moused over, would morph into an alternate view. As the years went by, the site got overhauled and the cool people feature got eliminated. Recently, however, by popular demand, the decision was made to bring the people animations back to the site! It communicates to potential clients and employees WhiteBoard’s dynamic creative culture.

Alter Ego

The next step in bringing the animated people feature back to the site took place in the creative minds of the team members. For some, the hard part wasn’t coming up with a great idea – it was having to pick just one. This proved the most difficult for serious movie buffs.



The real fun took place in our in-house photo studio, where we had people fishing, doing a wheelie on their customized bike, and rappeling from the ceiling’s girders. For others, it involved multiple wardrobe changes or bringing in armloads of nerf guns.

Graphic Design

Some of the team member’s visions required additional post-production magic. At WhiteBoard, we’re all about finding ways to turn great ideas into a reality, and this creative exercise was no exception. It was a vital step to ensure that each employee’s personality jumped off the screen. A personal bio accompanies each transforming photo, giving an additional glimpse into what makes each of us tick.

WhiteBoard Website

Since going live, the response has been overwhelmingly positive (from clients, friends and moms). At WhiteBoard Product Solutions, we’re very proud of the dynamic, brilliant mix of talent that sets us apart as the go-to product design firm. We focus on “people, place and process”, and having the right people is the most important part of that equation.

See for yourself!