Ice Caves | Inspired by Everything!


One of WhiteBoard’s photographers, Ryan Chernik, had the unique opportunity last month to visit the Superior Ice Caves up in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Trips like this offer an opportunity for inspiration and perspective. Here at WhiteBoard, we are Inspired by Everything!

Superior, Bayfield, Wi Sea Caves

Ryan shoots and processes some of his photos in a distinctive manner called HDR or High Dynamic Range imaging. You’ll notice emphasis and detail in all tonal values as well as saturated color. It brings more to the human eye than what it normally sees.  Each shot, put through up to 3 different programs sometimes takes up to an hour each to edit.  

Icicles on ceiling of cave
Sea Caves Apostle Islands

“The interesting thing about the ice caves is that you’ll never see it again the same way next year. The ice may form in completely new ways or not even freeze at all. What you’re witnessing is a temporary display of nature’s beauty and once it melts, it’s gone forever.”


Bayfield Wi Ice Caves