JamStik To Be Released!


How to Buy the JamStik

MIDI Controller

One of the products that WhiteBoard helped develop is being released for people to buy on Amazon or through JamStik.com.  It is called the JamStik.  The JamStik essentially is a MIDI controller you can play through your iOS device that senses where you place your fingers on the neck and what strings you strum.  What makes this different from other MIDI controllers is it feels like a real guitar because it has real frets and real strings.

Industrial Design

JamStik came to WhiteBoard to develop a early stage working prototype suitable for marketing, preliminary costing, packaging, and vendor selection. Using their existing proven technology of sensing finger placement on the fret board, WhiteBoard was able to create a working prototype that made it to the 10 Best Prototypes of the year in Popular Science magizine.  Click here to check it out. Also, to be used for a successful crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.com.