WhiteBoard Does Interbike 2014 In Las Vegas


Innovative Products at Interbike

bike trade show
WhiteBoard product designers Rick Polk and Jason Ness went to the largest bicycle industry trade show in North America, The Interbike 2014 show in Las Vegas.  There they checked out what was new in the bicycle industry and to meet new and existing clients.  Below is a list of what they found inspiring:

A nice collapsible bottle.

Dog leash
WhiteBoard Developed.  A bike friendly dog walker.
suction cups
Car rack systems using suction cups.  Inspired by glass moving suction 
cup systems.

WhiteBoard Developed.  A helmet worn impact sensor.
KICKR bike trainer | http://www.wahoofitness.com/

Design aesthetic/function very similar to the Lemond trainer.


park tool
WhiteBoard Inspired design.
Helmet Sunglasses
A new honeycomb skeletal system. Design 
features that integrate with Smiths sunglasses.
Bike design
The Bike Design Project  | http://oregonmanifest.com/
A bike design competition.
Bikepacking tent using the bike as tent poles.

Best booth award.

iglow accessories and nique tool solutions.

Line of foam roller products.


velo sock

 Bike protection.

bike storage

 Fresh way of bike storage.

Leaning bike rack

 Bike/Garage storage systems. Beverage holder.