Blip Toys and WhiteBoard Product Solutions have had a 15 year history in creating dynamic products in the toy category, including the Zoom-o Launcher Series.  Blip and WhiteBoard have had success in their partnership because of their ability to work quickly through all phases of development – from early concept development, buyer feedback, to final production – in such a way that allows them to get a successful product on the shelf that sells.

In early 2016, Blip Toys and WhiteBoard decided to collaborate again when an opportunity to innovate in the construction set category became apparent.  Particularly, with the current push in childhood development and STEM-focused (science, technology, engineering, and math) toys, both Blip Toys and WhiteBoard felt it was a timely opportunity to launch a unique construction set that costs less than many competitors on the market.  By blending the familiarity of traditional wooden blocks with fun, colorful, and creative connector pieces, Smarty Parts stands out on the shelf as a fresh take on traditional building block sets.

Our team set out to meet this challenge by brainstorming ideas for connector pieces – from magnetic connectors, to hinged elbows, suction cups, bendable materials, etc.

Connector Development

Designers also created concepts for guided building sets – from Animals to Trucks, Landrovers to Architectural sets.

Building Set Concept Art

Blip Toys was able to reach an agreement with Target Corp. to exclusively sell Smarty Parts.

Constructed Model Photography

Smarty Parts are now sold at Target in 3 different sets – The Architect ($79.99), The Engineer ($49.99), and the Builder ($29.99).

Packaging Product Shot

One of our successes in collaboration is our ability to create concepts, iterate, and move through the decision-making process quickly to get great products to the shelf.  From first concept to hitting the shelf – the entire development and manufacturing of the product line took less than a year.  With such success already, we are excited to see how Smarty Parts continues to gain traction in the market and gain positive reviews.

Concept Sketch to retail shelf