““We’re excited to partner with WhiteBoard on their King of the Ring game this fall at Target exclusively,” said YULU Co-Founder Thijmen de Schipper. “They’re super innovative developers and they brought us a really fun game that we know kids are going to love playing over and over again.”

From simple beginnings to 2019 “Target Top Picks” “King of the Ring” is a fun n’ frantic skill and action game that needed the right idea, execution, timing and licensing partner to make it all happen.


The key to the game was the Magnetic “Smart” timer. This enabled the timer to count down only when a pawn was at the top of the podium.

From sketch to final packaging structure, graphics and theme WBPS collaborated with YULU



Battle your friends in this Sumo challenge! Smash your Sumos and try to land your figure in the center of the platform. The player whose Sumo is elevated up on the podium when time runs out, wins and is crowned King of the Ring! Practice your strategy, speed, and persistence. See if you have what it takes to be the last Sumo standing!