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Industrial Design, Engineering, Prototyping, and Graphic Design.

WhiteBoard works with you to clarify project goals and realities, define a precise path to meet them, and use the best methods to make it happen. Our process delivers results: innovation, value, and growth for your business. We consider what it can be, help decide what it should be, then make it be.

WhiteBoard Product Solutions is a place of grounded creativity with a process that drives innovation, value, and growth for our clients.  Since 1986, our team brings together the best talent and minds in the industry to develop winning product solutions. We don’t focus on winning awards, creating trendy forms, or even getting press for our work. Instead, we focus on creating solutions that satisfy market demands, manufacturing requirements, and profit expectations.

WhiteBoard Product Solutions offers full-service product development – industrial design, engineering, prototyping, and graphic design. Our product development team works together within each department and between them. With its knowledge base and multi-disciplined team, WhiteBoard has created some of the most iconic and innovative products in almost every industry. Our facility is where concepts and ideas can be quickly evaluated, proven, and refined. WhiteBoard truly is a one-stop-shop for every step in product development.

Minneapolis, Minnesota