Octane Fitness Zero Runner - Concept Ideation
Concept Sketches
Octane Fitness Zero Runner - Foam Core Mockups
Foam Core Mock-Ups
Octane Fitness Zero Runner - 3D Modelling
Production CAD
Octane Fitness Zero Runner - Photo-Realistic Renderings
Photo-Realistic Renderings

Octane Fitness

Zero Runner

Octane Fitness took on the challenge to come up with a zero-impact training platform for runners and partnered with WhiteBoard Product Solutions to caste a vision for the aesthetic design for the new Zero Runner Machine. Taking inspiration from the automotive industry, fitness industry, as well the human form, the design team developed forms that evolved the existing Octane design language, yet creating a trimmer and leaner design aesthetic. Through sketching, quick foam core mockups, and CAD design, the design team quickly developed and refined the aesthetic direction for the machine. The design and engineering team created the final designs for all the housings in CAD and engineered the parts to be ready for production release.