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Old Design Vs. New


Energi To Go

Technuity, a supplier of batteries, came to WhiteBoard with a new product—already designed and ready to launch—and asked for their opinion. This universal portable outlet, a combination of an inverter and a high-powered lithium ion battery, provided users with an on-the-go power source for their on-the-go electronics. Its uses were many—but this new technology was completely unfamiliar to the consumer.

WhiteBoard’s opinion: the new product idea was amazing, but its current design didn’t communicate its purpose to consumers. Because the retail experience is often chaotic, a product featuring new technology needs to quickly tell its story or it’s overlooked. So the Design Department put the outlet squarely on the front of the device, immediately demonstrating how to use it. They also added corners with rubber bumpers for cord management. Branded by Energizer, the new portable outlet is currently grabbing consumers’ attention at mass market retail.