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WhiteBoard is Not Letting COVID-19 Stop Innovation

WhiteBoard – Remote Innovation for Your Organization We have adapted our proven innovation workshops to a hybrid approach to bring an in-room experience to your team from anywhere in the world. Book your innovation workshops now. Check out our website and call to discuss how WhiteBoard Product Solutions can bring innovation to your organization today.


““We’re excited to partner with WhiteBoard on their King of the Ring game this fall at Target exclusively,” said YULU Co-Founder Thijmen de Schipper. “They’re super innovative developers and they brought us a really fun game that we know kids are going to love playing over and over again.” From simple beginnings to 2019 “Target […]

15 Different Prototyping Capabilities

WhiteBoard is Not Letting Covid-19 Stop Innovation. – Remote Innovation for Your Organization – We have adapted our proven innovation workshops to a hybrid approach to bring an in-room experience to your team from anywhere in the world. Book your innovation workshops now. Check out our website and call to discuss how Whiteboard Product Solutions […]


“The team at Whiteboard are true Toy Professionals that have raised Hog Wild’s game to a new level.  Not only are they great innovators, but they have the talent, expertise, and experience to take an idea from concept through production.  I am very proud of the items and offerings we’ve built together in 2018 but […]

Happy Halloween from WhiteBoard!

WhiteBoard Inspired by Everything

Great Example of Form Follows Reality™

This product is still as relevant today as it was back in 2012 when we first designed it collaborating with the Ecowater team. It is still selling well today and is one of the best selling water softeners of all time.   Soft Water…Refreshing Style Originally blogged November 8th, 2012 Asking the Right Questions Leads […]


Blip Toys and WhiteBoard Product Solutions have had a 15 year history in creating dynamic products in the toy category, including the Zoom-o Launcher Series.  Blip and WhiteBoard have had success in their partnership because of their ability to work quickly through all phases of development – from early concept development, buyer feedback, to final […]

50 Strong on Fox Business

50 Strong on TV One of our product partners, 50 Strong from Lima, OH, were featured on Fox Business recently showcasing their approach to designed for made in America products. Take a watch, and check out their product at and the design story in Our Work.

FugooXL Style – The WhiteBoard Review

A Powerful, Portable, Sound Solution Last week, one of our employees ordered the new FugooXL Bluetooth Speaker for their home entertatinment. Ordering this $200 speaker wasn't a light decision (most purchases above $20 are), but after the copious amounts of reviews that touted its performance he found it hard to resist. One of the key [...]

Upgraded WhiteBoard Website and Blog!

We’ve Upgraded! Inspired by Everything WhiteBoard

WhiteBoard Designers Support the Torchlight 5K

WhiteBoard designers courageously braved hot-humid weather on Wednesday for the Aquatennial Festival’s Torchlight 5K. The course starts at St. Mary’s Basilica, winds down Hennepin Avenue, and eventually finishes by St. Anthony Main.  Great job guys! Inspired by Everything WhiteBoard

Congress Member Erik Paulsen visits WhiteBoard this week.

WhiteBoard was honored to have Congressman Erik Paulsen, an Eden Prairie resident, visit WhiteBoard this past Monday, along with his staff member Angie Hasek, to not only understand the world of WhiteBoard but also discuss the state of medical device design in Minnesota. Paulsen is a strong advocate for medical device companies in Minnesota and […]

Making Water Cool Again

The American Flag Insulated Bottle was selected for inclusion in 4,000 VIP gift bags at the Republican National Convention on July 18th.  WhiteBoard designed, engineered, prototyped, and provided the graphic design for this bottle, manufactured in America, by 50 Strong in Lima, Ohio.  The bottle is currently being sold by Walmart as part of their Made in […]

15 Different Prototyping Capabilities

As new clients tour our facility, they’re often shocked to learn about our many prototyping capabilities. “We had no idea!” is a common reaction. To get the word out, we’ve improved our prototyping web presence. 15 different capabilities have been highlighted, complete with detailed descriptions and a series of photos for each. We invite you […]

Create Your Own 3D Printing Material Through Recycling

  Precious Plastics is attempting to increase plastics recycling through open source sharing of blue prints to create your own machines – letting the little guy get in on the action too! Check out their inspiring Promo video: [youtube] Inspired by Everything WhiteBoard

3D Printing is Now a Toy…Literally Thanks to Mattel

The THINGMAKER by Mattel utilizes a variation of an Autodesk app to make a kid-friendly 3D printer for creative families.  Allowing kids and parents to make pieces that snap together into a wide range of configurations.  They work from an existing template or a drag and drop option, then push the print button and your […]

GIF’s Made Easy

[vimeo 143161189 w=500 h=281] Introducing Boomerang from Instagram from Instagram on Vimeo. Inspired by Everything WhiteBoard

Why lace up when you could wrap up?

Problem – store bought shoes do not always fit perfectly. Solution – Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto created shoes that have no laces and instead wrap around the foot.   Source:  Boredpanda Posting Inspired by Everything! WhiteBoard

Proving Designed-in-America to be Made-in-America rocks!

  Designed in America! WhiteBoard Product Solutions Made in America! 50 Strong  Sold in America! Walmart Inspired by Everything WhiteBoard

When serving up Innovation will your consumers take a bite?

…or push it away saying “No thanks!” Are We Ready for the Future of Food? Article WhiteBoard Inspired by Everything!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from WhiteBoard!

WhiteBoard Inspired by Everything  

NY during Toy Fair!

Three busy and amazing days exploring the Javits Center, braving subzero weather and blustery winds.  Elevated excitement presenting top secret concepts with working prototypes to back them up!  Pitching “the only… the first… the best…” in a high-rise suite, in the hall of a hotel, the back room of the convention center or under a […]

WhiteBoard Hosts UW-Stout Sketching Workshop!

WhiteBoard hosted a Saturday morning sketch workshop for the students of the University of Wisconsin Stout Industrial Design Program. The focus was on quick idea generation and communication, teaching the value of sketching as a collaborative tool in development. In the second half of the workshop, students learned the technique of grayscale marker rendering for form […]

Reinventing the Wheel

The wheel has been reinvented by Michelin.  They are introducing airless tires with shear beam and wheels that are connected by high-strength poly-resin spokes.  Will this new tire innovation let the “Air out” of the competition?  Check out the new X® Tweel® for Skid loaders and riding lawnmowers. Michelin X Tweel Airless Radial Tires. Inspired […]

What if Microsoft had Designed the iPod Package?

[youtube] Packaging is the first impression many consumers have with a new product and has a lasting impact.   Apple vs Microsoft.  A great example of how different marketing approaches can completely change the image of a product.  Even though this is an older video, it is still relevant and portrays how consistency in […]

So You Say You Were at the Game? Now You Can Prove It!

  Camera technology as well as software image processing is making huge strides. New cameras can now take images at super high resolution, pan around a single location, much like Google street view does, and stitch an image together to the tune of over 20 billion pixels. Fans that were there can zoom in on […]

Want to Go Solar?

Ever wondered about going Solar?  Can I put Solar on my roof? What would it cost? What tax credits would I qualify for? Stop wondering and check out Geostellar . Visit the site and enter your address to see an infrared satellite image of your house.  Then see what your “estimated” cost, tax breaks and […]

Log Your Life

LifeLogger is taking sharing to a whole new level.  Forget fumbling with your phone to snap a pick or capture a video, LifeLogger is a head mounted video camera system that is ALWAYS capturing your life.  It’s the personal body camera that is linked to a cloud server saving more than just video but also […]

3D Printing and Its Role in Product Development

WhiteBoard will be speaking at the Concurrent Innovation: Optimizing Time to Market event on June 2nd at the 3M Innovation Center in St Paul. Paul Pilosi VP of Product Develooment at WhiteBoard will be speaking at 11:45am.  3D Printing continues to have an incredible impact on Product Development everyday.  Shortened timelines, decreased costs, and the […]

Johnny 5 is alive!

The new robot pal from Spin Masters takes Summer blockbuster movie animatronics even JJ. Abrams would geek out over and makes it easy for the rest of us to live out our robot fantasies. Coming to a toy shelf near you, Meccaniod is the all new, advanced robot building system in the Meccano™ line.  I […]

Thank You to our Clients in 2014!

  Some of WB contributed products released in 2014: ICEdot Crash Sensor Named Men’s Journal top products The Lifesaving Sensor: The Best New Stuff of 2014   Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig Catalog cover Rockler Website   Octane Fitness Zero Runner Product Video   Gopher Multiple Products: Warrior HQ Anchor Station Packs Ergo Soft Top […]

Happy Birthday to WhiteBoard’s President Rick Polk!

WhiteBoard Product Solutions

LifeScience Alley 2014 Conference | Wednesday, November 19th

    LifeScience Alley is the largest state-based life science trade association in the U.S. WhiteBoardwill be participating in its 2014 conference next Wednesday, Nov 19th at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  The conference focuses on Healthcare and its impact on business, it includes interesting speakers, breakout sessions, and exhibitors. Stop by and see some WhiteBoard […]

WhiteBoard Speaking at MegaTech 2014: 3D Printing From Evolution to Revolution

WhiteBoard will be speaking at Megatech 2014 at Century College in White Bear Lake  this coming Tuesday, November 11th.  The theme of this year’s conference is 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing and WhiteBoard will be illustrating the role of rapid prototyping in the Product Development Consultancy environment and the impact it has had throughout the years. WhiteBoard

Partial Solar Eclipse October 23, 2014 | WhiteBoard Photography

 A few WhiteBoard team members went up on the roof between 5-6pm with both a Nikon D7100, Canon 6D, welding helmets and heavy shades. The shooting conditions into the brightest object man has ever known were quite challenging and the cameras struggled to get a nice crisp image. We ended up shooting some photos through […]

WhiteBoard Presented at SolidWorks 2015 with Octane Fitness

WhiteBoard Product Solutions and Octane Fitness are presenting the Zero Runner at the Symmetry Solutions SolidWorks 2015 release event, October 9, 2014.  Presenting the development of the Zero Runner, and the collaborative effort between Octane and WhiteBoard, the two companies will be highlighting the ability to use the platform SolidWorks as a collaboration tool.  By utilization […]

WhiteBoard Does Interbike 2014 In Las Vegas

Innovative Products at Interbike WhiteBoard product designers Rick Polk and Jason Ness went to the largest bicycle industry trade show in North America, The Interbike 2014 show in Las Vegas.  There they checked out what was new in the bicycle industry and to meet new and existing clients.  Below is a list of what they found […]

JamStik To Be Released!

How to Buy the JamStik One of the products that WhiteBoard helped develop is being released for people to buy on Amazon or through  It is called the JamStik.  The JamStik essentially is a MIDI controller you can play through your iOS device that senses where you place your fingers on the neck and […]

Reuse Soda Bottles With Innovative New Caps

WhiteBoard came across this DesignBoom article on innovation in the world of reduce, reuse, recycle: “Coca-Cola Gives Old Bottles ‘2nd Lives’ With 16 Functional Caps” from toys to food to cleaning, the possibilities seem endless.  Although Coca-Cola decided to start with 16 of their best ideas to distribute across Asia.  Innovative designs with brand longevity […]

WhiteBoard Supports National Bike to Work Day

The League of American Cyclists have named May National Bike to work month, with May 12-16 National Bike to work week, and May 16 National Bike to Work Day.  Being 39 degrees this morning in Minnesota, leads us to the conclusion that the decision makers are not from Minnesota.  Though, here at WhiteBoard, we have […]

WhiteBoard Product Solutions Attends the 2014 IDSA Midwest District Design Conference

Director of Product Development Jason Ness, and Industrial Designers Caleb Summers and Eric Polk took the weekend to attend the IDSA Midwest District Conference in Chicago.  There they met with students and professionals from around the Midwest area. Throughout the day there were a variety of speakers presenting different design topics. One of the speakers, […]

President and CEO of WhiteBoard Product Solutions Makes the (Real) Power 50 List

Congratulations to Rick Polk, President and CEO of WhiteBoard Product Solutions, on making the list of the (Real) Power 50 of 2014!  The article “The (Real) Power50” can be found in the May issue of Minnesota Business Magazine.  This list represents some of the best people to know when conducting business in the state of […]

Advancements in Material Science Impacting Product Design

Product development centers around process and material, which is why a Core77 blog about the improvements in material science caught WhiteBoard’s eye.  In the past, the process was a long and arduous one, full of frustrating trial and errors resulting in a lot of dead ends.  With the rise of the supercomputer, materials can now […]

Ice Caves | Inspired by Everything!

One of WhiteBoard’s photographers, Ryan Chernik, had the unique opportunity last month to visit the Superior Ice Caves up in Bayfield, Wisconsin. Trips like this offer an opportunity for inspiration and perspective. Here at WhiteBoard, we are Inspired by Everything! Ryan shoots and processes some of his photos in a distinctive manner called HDR or […]

Toy Fair 2014

WhiteBoard, and WhiteBoard designed products attend Toy Fair 2014   WhiteBoard designers Rick & Eric made their annual trip to Toy Fair in New York to discover what is new in the world of toys and to meet with new and existing clients.   The latest WhiteBoard designed “Try Me” ball shooter was on display […]

Boiling Water Freezing in Mid-Air

      The engineering department at WhiteBoard had a little fun this morning in our cold Minnesota winter.  At -22 degrees Fahrenheit, they threw a cup of boiling water into the air and watched it turn into vapor and ice…or in their words “a cloud in a cup.” Inspired by Everything. WhiteBoard

Fat Bikes | The Options Continue to Grow

Twin Cities Biking Paths Almost 1/3 of  the WhiteBoard team bikes in to work and with a shift in seasons comes our shift in gear. Winter gear is one of our favorites so a few weeks ago our sights were set on finding the best fat bike for this season.  A few of us are avid fat bikers and […]

ICEdot Crash Sensor

For those who regularly read our blog, you know that we have more than a few bikers who work here (see Specialized Turbo Review). ICEdot, an innovative young company in Oklahoma and a WhiteBoard client, makes emergency identification and notification systems for bikers, skiers and snowboarders (ICE stands for In Case of Emergency). So we […]

LifeScience Alley 2013 Conference

LifeScience Alley is the largest state-based life science trade association in the U.S. WhiteBoard will be participating in its 2013 conference next week at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The focus of the conference will be to discuss the impacts of the national and global healthcare transformation and the new business models that are emerging. Stop […]

Vintage Tonka Truck Donated to Tonka Toy Museum

WhiteBoard recently donated this vintage Tonka Fire Truck to the Tonka Toy Museum. We have done a lot of work for toy companies over the years (including Tonka Toys), so we certainly appreciate classic toy designs like this one.  We imagine the Form Follows Reality™ matrix for this product must have been something like: Must be […]

MD&M Minneapolis

Swing by booth #444 at MD&M Minneapolis next week (October 29th and 30th) to see some recently released devices designed by the WhiteBoard team.  Also, we still have a few VIP passes available for clients who would like to attend the show.  Contact us if you would like a pass.   WhiteBoard Product Solutions – […]

The Return of the Cool People Feature

Years ago, WhiteBoard Product Solutions (then known as Leisure Design) had a website feature with a huge fun factor. Each employee had an onscreen miniature version of themselves, which when moused over, would morph into an alternate view. As the years went by, the site got overhauled and the cool people feature got eliminated. Recently, […]

U of M Innovation Fellows Visit WhiteBoard

WhiteBoard was honored to host a team from the Innovation Fellows Program from the University of Minnesota’s Medical Device Center. The Medical Device Center is a valuable asset to the medical device community as it combines basic research, applied and translational research, and education and training. The Innovation Fellows Program seeks to train the next […]

Specialized Turbo Review

  WhiteBoard keeps on top of trends research, and never has it been so much fun than investigating the new Specialized Turbo e-bike! For years WhiteBoard and its staff have gained valuable knowledge by keeping on top of new product innovation from a wide range of product categories. The bicycle category is one of the […]

24 Hours of LeMons

WhiteBoard is known for its product development, industrial design, engineering, prototyping and package design; but only a few clients know about a little secret in the back of the building called Purespeed R&D.  Purespeed is a race shop dedicated to the support and fostering of club racing and the spirit and camaraderie that go with […]

JamStik Featured in Popular Science

JamStik was featured in the May issue of Popular Science as one of ten products in its 7th Annual Invention Awards. WhiteBoard collaborated with the inventor and the Zivix team to design, engineer and create working prototypes of the JamStik.  That enabled the inventor’s technology to come off the work bench and into the hands […]

WhiteBoard in the News

      FULL ARTICLE Star Tribune writer Dee DePass did a remarkable job writing a story about WhiteBoard based on a two hour tour and conversations with clients that ranged from medical devices to consumer electronics and power equipment.  In the short time she was here, she was able to capture the culture, diversity, […]

Prototyping and Collaboration: Keys to Successful Product Development

When a client comes to WhiteBoard for the first time, they expect to see our industrial design and engineering capabilities, but they are always amazed when they see how extensive our prototyping capabilities are.  Product development is a very iterative process.  The ability to quickly create prototypes in our facility enables us to “discover” early […]

Review & Disassembly of the Beats by Dre Pill

WhiteBoard Critique of the “Beats  by Dre Pill“ Beats by Dre has taken the headphone market by storm.  Celebrities, the Olympic team, and the average Joe on the bus, can be caught wearing a set of their stylish headphones.  However, Beats makes more than just headphones.  The Beats Pill is the extension of the head […]

Toy Fair 2013

WhiteBoard, and WhiteBoard designed products attend Toy Fair 2013 WhiteBoard designers Rick & Eric made their annual trip to Toy Fair in New York to check out what is new in the world of toys and to meet with some important clients. Slam Man, an interactive boxing device invented and developed by WhiteBoard, anchored the […]


JamStik Rocks CES For the past 6 months, WhiteBoard has been collaborating with Zivix, a Minneapolis based company, to develop a functional and sleek device for their patented guitar playing technology. The device connects wirelessly to smart phones, tablets and computers to play digital music with an authentic guitar feel. A WhiteBoard team was recently […]

North Star STEM Alliance tour

On November 27th WhiteBoard hosted a group of students affiliated with the North Star STEM Alliance, whose mission is to double the number of underrepresented students receiving bachelor’s degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math. The students toured the WhiteBoard facility and were given an overview of WhiteBoard’s product development process. The objective was to […]

Medical Device Design

WhiteBoard participates in the MD&M show     The WhiteBoard booth featured industrial designer Nicole Parks sketching concepts on the Wakum tablet. WhiteBoard is a valuable resource for the scientists and engineers who develop new products at medical technology companies. The WhiteBoard team brings many years of experience in end-user research, form factor development, ergonomics, […]

Product Design Workshop

WhiteBoard inspires students to succeed one sketch at a time. A team of industrial designers at WhiteBoard recently hosted 14 industrial design students from the University of Wisconsin-Stout for a 3-hour sketching workshop and tour of the WhiteBoard studios and model shop.   The focus of the workshop was to help students develop their skills […]

Soft Water…Refreshing Style

Asking the Right Questions Leads to Value-Added Solutions A fundamental part of the WhiteBoard product development process is the “discovery & definition” phase. During this time, the WhiteBoard team partners with the client to identify and understand all the realities that need to be considered in order for the product to be successful (see “Form […]

Form Follows Reality™

Our Approach: Form Follows Reality™ You have heard the phrase “form follows function.” It was coined by architect Louis Sullivan in 1896 to emphasize how a building’s design should always reflect its intended purpose. It has since been adapted by product designers to guide product development.  We at WhiteBoard Product Solutions believe that function is […]