Why WhiteBoard? Product. When it's great, I learn & set my expectations higher, when it's not great, I want to make it better. This takes a team with resources; the better the team, the better the resources, the better the results. Since 1986, my focus has been on building a diverse team & facility, with all the tools, to promote collaboration & achieve results. WhiteBoard gets results. These results and return clients, make me and the team look forward to coming to work every day. Rick Innovator in Chief Inspired By: Everything. Creative Recharge: Doing things that utilize body, brains, and equipment, with a side of adrenaline: skiing (alpine, nordic, water), cars (racing, driving, admiring), biking (road & trail), sailing (ice & water), skating (inline & ice). Doing things that promote interaction: cooking, wine, coaching, shopping, home improvement, learning, family & friends. Why WhiteBoard? Energy. Every day provides a new challenge and, here at WhiteBoard, I am surrounded with people who have the ideas to address them. I enjoy being part of a company filled with creativity and where there is a team who puts everything they have into every project. Hard work begets results, and you see it here daily. I wanted a chance to show what my hard work could accomplish. I get to see that here. JENA ALWAYS AT PEACE Inspired By: Original thought and thinkers. Lifelong learners. New adventures. Thinking outside the box. Creative Recharge: Activity – on the water, in the mountains, or on a mat in a studio. The world is my playground. Though, my top choice is backpacking trips, nothing recharges more than leaving civilization behind for wilderness. Why WhiteBoard? WhiteBoard is the place to grow. If you haven't heard, it has invention, industrial design, engineering, prototyping, and graphic design all under one roof. Pick one, or pick all, WhiteBoard has given me the best opportunity to gain a total understanding of the product development process. Because of WhiteBoard's capabilities and diverse clientele, I have been able to take full advantage at excelling in the career I've always dreamed of. Eric ALWAYS EXPLORING Inspired By: I enjoy, and sometimes can't stand, coming across solutions that seem obvious. When this happens, you know it is going to be a success. Creative Recharge: Anything that gets me moving and exploring. In summer: biking, being on the lake or the race track. In winter: hockey, cross-country skiing, and mountains in the west for downhill skiing with friends. Why WhiteBoard? We push limits here daily, who wouldn't want to be a part of that? WBPS fosters a creative environment and culture fueled by capabilities, tools, and processes maximizing possibilities. Allen RESIDENT DREAMER Inspired By: Others' excitement and personal passions, be it hobbies, viewpoints, past experiences, present frustrations or future perceptions. Creative Recharge: Escaping the humdrum of daily responsibilities through outdoor adventures, getting goofy with my family and laughing off the troubles of the world over a pint! Why WhiteBoard? Our vast years of experience equips us to take on any project. The prototyping department alone has close to 75 years combined. The layout of the facility allows projects to flow seamlessly from one department to the next. With the diversity of jobs and clients, our knowledge base keeps growing year after year. The team quickly & efficiently resolves any challenges. It's rewarding to be a part of each project's success & a member of such a great team. Rob SCULPTOR EXTRAORDINAIRE Inspired By: The look of the 1955 Chris Craft runabout, family, and friends. Creative Recharge: Pontoon rides in mid-July, coaching football / baseball, teaching someone an old skill, and learning new ones. John Wayne, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Johns, classic movies, tailgating, keeping the faith. Why WhiteBoard? Invention. It happens here daily. Multiply that, by over 25 years of inventing and you get a home to thousands of concepts and intellectual properties all archived here. We are constantly coming up with new ideas, evolving current ones, and turning others into finished products. It's never boring. We are inventing. We are refining. We are creating. Randy EVERYDAY INVENTOR Inspired By: White space. I strive to fill up a piece of paper, telling a visual story. I continue until it's covered with ideas, thumbnails, and sketches. Then, let it settle, to later inspire someone or something new. Creative Recharge: Watching my kids play sports, grill out on the Weber, fishing, and spending quality time with family. Why WhiteBoard? Why Not! Once you have seen the facility and met all my coworkers, you would know why. The second half would be the variety of projects; everything from prototyping medical devices to sporting goods to toys – from mild to wild. Every day is a new adventure. PAUL Master of metal Inspired By: Anything mechanical. I really like figuring out how things go together and what makes them tick. Creative Recharge: Anything with a large engine that's loud, goes fast, & gets me going places. Why WhiteBoard? The people and their commitment to the team and the creative atmosphere. It is an active place with active energy resulting in bringing creativity to life on a daily basis; it is exciting to be a part of it! LISSA CALMING FORCE Inspired By: People and their stories – their struggles, their triumphs and figuring out what makes them who they are. Creative Recharge: A swing in my hammock, friends and family, live music, historical sites, reading a good book, camping. Why WhiteBoard? Past experiences with a wide variety of consumer products, including toys, has led me to WhiteBoard – the best of all product development worlds. The environment, the creativity, the collaboration. The product portfolio and the interaction with clients; we help them solve their product development challenges and create successful products. Our goal is to lead our clients to the most successful outcome. I joined for the fun and rewarding experience of transforming ideas into reality. Steve PROBLEM SOLVER Inspired By: Modern design, creative thinking, problem solving. Products that exceed customer needs and expectations. Creative Recharge: China travel with wife Yanmei, daughter Zoe, dinner parties with friends & family, pond hockey, league softball, road biking, fine wine, alternative rock music, home-yard-garden projects. Why WhiteBoard? The diversity of projects here and the passion of the people that I work with. The depth of knowledge and experience here is a great environment to continue to grow as a designer. Getting to explore and learn new things every day is huge to me as well as seeing what we work on make it to market. Billy Design Brewer Inspired By: Classic Designers (Dieter Rams, Milo Baughman, Charles and Ray Eames) Pretty much anything Mid-Century Modern. Creative Recharge: Being outside, riding bikes, live music, finding new places to eat, camping in the Boundary Waters, spending time with my family, obsessing over coffee and roasting my own in the pursuit of the perfect cup. Why WhiteBoard? The idea of being able to see something come into existence before any one else. As a model maker, I enjoy the process of identifying a need and a solution for it. Working with talented people tends to bring out the best of me. Cross discipline collaboration is the key to a great solution! Joey Pool shark Inspired By: Natural wonders, random patterns, and my son. Creative Recharge: Billiards, bicycling, and wood working. Why WhiteBoard? They say "iron sharpens iron". Where else can you find this many brilliant and varied people under one roof to bounce ideas off of and to be inspired and challenged by? And that's just during the lunch hour! Imagine what it's like working side by side with multiple departments of the top people in their fields. Also, the dress code is flexible, cape and tights are acceptable. TOm Branding hero Inspired By: Smart design that infuses fun. Trend setters that blaze unexpected trails. Beyond-genius design detail found throughout nature. Creative Recharge: Writing & watching great stories, beautiful music on vinyl, meaningful talks, laughter, quality time with my wife and daughters, seeking the merciful Creator of the universe, and lots of thinking during my long commute. Why WhiteBoard? The environment. Relaxed, yet driven, with great people and good vibes. It's a place that facilitates expression through hard work. Creativity and inspiration is key for me and I find it here. A place that is continuously challenging me to utilize and improve upon my skills. Seeing is believing. Come see for yourself, we have the tools to accomplish just about anything. Who wouldn't want to be a part of that? Chase Musical Genius Inspired By: The unknown, challenging situations, new opportunites and learning experiences, passion that drives people above and beyond expectation. Creative Recharge: The keys. Why WhiteBoard? The environment and the team. Product Design is exciting & I enjoy every aspect of it. There is a sense of thrill when developing an idea & validating it for the very first time. Do all the parts fit correctly? Are the aesthetics perfect? Does the client love it? This journey is something I look forward to everyday. We also have an amazing team and, I truly believe, we are stronger as a group than as individuals. It's just fun. Jason TWO-WHEELED MAVEN Inspired By: Products with that magical component begging to be taken apart in order to discover how it works. Creative Recharge: Doing anything outside is more enjoyable than inside. My life is full of adventures with my two boys and my wife. I love bikes, and enjoy riding them year round. Pedaling is my number one recharge. Why WhiteBoard? The environment inspires me, and I want to be a part of that. As well as the people, the wide range of product markets, and the in-house capabilities the team is exposed to. I am a part of ideas turning into products all around us. The success at WhiteBoard is obvious – anything can be done. It’s a true design firm with everything under one roof. Jessica Fearless Designer Inspired By: Anything on wheels, clever modes of transportation, my Dad, mechanisms, simplicity, passionate people, and risk takers. Creative Recharge: A motorcycle ride, the lake, snowboarding, wakeboarding, fishing, camping, spontaneous road trips, the ocean, a walk through the woods, family, friends, mountain biking, and hole-in-the-wall coffee shops.