WhiteBoard InteractUser Interface Design

Dynamic & Purposeful Interaction


  • GUI Design (Graphic User Interface)
  • Website Design
  • Flash Animation
  • iOs/Android App Design
  • Interactive Presentations
  • VR Integration



We have worked with our clients to meet the ever-evolving need of user experience, providing meaningful and direct interfaces that enhance the user experience.  WhiteBoard has worked to further connect customer with provider in a way that creates a continued return on investment.

We continually offer our clients the most cutting edge and appropriate solutions for the digital realm. We’re proficient in everything from mapping out our user’s experience throughout the use cycle and life of the product or digital interface to programming test modules for direct feedback from the intended consumer. Whether it’s from scratch Web Design and Encoding or App/User Interface Design, WhiteBoard seeks to create the most unique and complete solution to our client’s interaction needs.

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